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Jazz from Gallery 41 - Interviews with Jazz Legends is produced from a collection of rare, historical, and personal conversations that I have been fortunate enough to have with many of the greatest Jazz legends of our generation. People like Max Roach, Teddy Edwards, Billy Higgins, Joseph Jarman, Abbey Lincoln, Frank Morgan, and Sam Rivers to name only a few.

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Jazz from Gallery 41 Interview with a Jazz Legend - Wayne Horvitz


Sept 2015


Wayne Horvitz was born in New York City in 1955, and now lives in Seattle, WA with his wife , composer and vocalist Robin Holcolmb and their two children.
A marvelous composer and musician, his instruments are a variety of keyboards and electronics, and his musical life does indeed cross genre from Jazz to Classical to Experimental, to Rock, theater, dance, film, video and multi-media.  In the world of Jazz a few familiar names that he has performed, recorded with, or produced recordings for include John Zorn, Bill Friisell, Carla Bley, Julian Priester, The World Saxophone Quartet, Eddie Palmieri, Fontella Bass...and there are many others.  As a composer his work has been commissioned by The Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Seattle Chamber Players, Meet The Composer and again...there are many others.
His most recent recording released on the Songlines label under the title "Some Places Are Forever After Afternoon" is a full-length suite of 12 compositions that honor the iconic Northwest poet Richard Hugo who lived from 1923 to 1982, all but 1 of the 12 pieces are influenced directly by one or another line from different poems of Hugo's, and that final 1 is written by Wayne as a musical tribute to Mr. Hugo.  Each of the poems is in the booklet included with the cd.
This conversation with Wayne took place on July 10th of 2015.  Of course we talked about this current recording, you will hear however that we actually started by talking about where he was and what he was doing in the mid-1970s.

We begin by hearing "Money Or A Story" which a line taken from Hugo's poem "The Milltown Union Bar" that reads in part...You need never leave.  Money or a story brings you booze.  The elk is grinning and the goat says go so tenderly you hear him through the glass...

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